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Oh Old Oct 05 2016 10:58 pm I dont know why, maybe because I watch this in 2016 when I'm 22 ., not in 2013, or I expected way too low when I decided to watch this movie, I think this movie isn't that bad. Everyone bashing the sex scenes but I found Park Jisung's movie more unbearable to watch. Maybe because I knew there is gg to be bed scwnein this movie or what not. And the story line? After all sex scandals revealed this year, I don't think the story line doesn't based on real life at all. We have that toilet sex scandal, so its not that reaching. I love how the story mixed the plot with the theatre play. I really love the ending where Oh Young went to the actress and the actress just played along with him, knowing he needs to act that play to relieve himself. Don't focus on the sex scenes, maybe its unnecessary, but it adds on the dark atmosphere to the film. It's just a story about Oh Young who matured in a hard way.

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