Shower - Mature Album

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Soapy and slippery I love to get in the shower and get myself all soapy and slippery...then I stick a finger or two in my ass. I get out my butt plug and let it get warm in the water from the shower. I put it and finish my shower....maybe play with my clit a bit. Then I get out of the shower, go to the bedroom, turn my vibrator all the way up and fuck myself till I can't stand it anymore.......mmm......think I'm gonna go take a shower. Hard rain I take a long hot shower and then when I'm really clean I take the retractable shower head and turn it all the way up. Then I tickle myself all over and then I let it touch right up my pussy. Right when I fill up I expose my clit to the water jet and let it rip. It feels so good especially when you close your eyes and imagine the rain. You cum in like a second. Water fall I usually go in the shower, open my legs and go under the faucet. When the water hits my clit it feels good. It will take a minute or so though to cum. Another way is to take a pen and rub it hard against your clit. After a little while the orgasm is great.

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